Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chat about git on how to apply local custom patch on top of mainline master branch

(09:35:49) vincentinsz: hm, question about git, now my kernel git repo is 2.6.31-rc3, and i git branched a test branch and committed custom patch, so the test branch is 2.6.31-rc3 + custom patch
(09:36:47) vincentinsz: now the mainline kernel is 2.6.31-rc4, i git checkout master and git pull to sync to the mainline kernel
(09:37:26) vincentinsz: but how I sync my test branch so it would be 2.6.31-rc4 + custom branch?
(09:38:05) qunying: is your branch a direct checkout from the branch point or from the mainline
(09:43:23) vincentinsz: say linus is the public git repo, here is my working step: 1, git clone linus, 2, git pull (from time to time), 3, git branch test, 4, git commit custom patch, 5 git checkout master, 6 git pull ( new kernel tag released say -rc4), now how I let branch test sync to -rc4 + custom patch?
(09:44:44) qunying: normally you don't you git pull, as it will automatically merge
(09:45:12) qunying: use git fetch then git rebase origin
(09:45:48) qunying: will move your local commits to the top
(09:45:50) vincentinsz: but the merge only touch master branch, not test branch, I care about the custom patch in test branch, not master branch
(09:46:42) qunying: then in test branch, you rebase against master
(09:46:52) qunying: git rebase master
(09:47:45) vincentinsz: then the custom patch would be on top of master?
(09:47:57) qunying: ya
(09:48:45) qunying: it will bring you branch to the latest master + your own commit on top
(09:49:21) vincentinsz: ah, that is it
(09:52:17) vincentinsz: My thought is that I would never touch my local master branch except git pull to sync to linus public git repo, I only test custom patch on a local test branch and also would like to have the test branch sync to master with custom patch on top of it
(09:52:53) vincentinsz: so I would never ruin my local master branch
(09:53:46) vincentinsz: based on the idea that i would never run git clone again :-)
(09:53:54) vincentinsz: reasonable?
(09:55:13) qunying: ya
(09:57:49) vincentinsz: there is git stash, but it seems only save non-committed custom patch and reapply the patch on top
(09:58:04) qunying: ya
(10:06:24) vincentinsz: hm, interesting, it seems I can not save the gaim chat log any more to other text file
(10:06:34) vincentinsz: like copy and paste
(10:06:53) qunying: that is strange
(10:07:39) vincentinsz: I could highlight all the text, right click, there is copy option, but it wont be saved in memory
(10:08:14) vincentinsz: there is save as option in conversation menu, but it only save as html format, annoying
(10:08:40) qunying: ya
(10:09:04) vincentinsz: same to you?
(10:09:32) qunying: never try it, i always let gaim save its own
(10:09:58) qunying: mime is working fine
(10:10:18) vincentinsz: I would like to have the technical discussion posted on my personal blog, so I can always looked it up when I need it :)
(10:11:17) qunying: it works for me, probably i am using a newer version
(10:11:52) qunying: try just highlight the text, and use middle-key to paste on other program
(10:13:24) vincentinsz: I have no middle key on mouse, it is scroll key
(10:14:56) qunying: it is the same, press it like the other will do

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